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If there are any questions on anything in here, please email [email protected].

The RADOG token

Currently we are in the development stage of Radix before Babylon on which smart contracts can be deployed. Due to the inability to deploy a smart contract, the transaction you make is a reservation for the official Radog token. The Radog tokens that can be purchased now are not the actual NFTs themselves, they are fungible tokens that represent ownership of a reservation, but which token it represents is recorded on-ledger in the transaction message. That is to say: as a general rule, every transaction in which the Radogs wallet sent Radogs tokens with the corresponding numbers in the transaction message means that reservation is confirmed and can be seen on-ledger.


If you make a mistake in your transaction and do not receive a receipt of your reservation, you will be refunded. Refunds happen automatically with common errors. If you did not receive a refunds, please contact us at [email protected]. Refunds under 0.25XRD will not be processed. Refunds may be subject to a -0.1 XRD fee to cover the transaction cost. Refunds after a successful transfer are not possible.


Because of the nature of Radogs tokens and how the reservations are handled by processing on-ledger transaction messages, trading must be handled in a specific way to maintain a record of which Radog belongs to which radix wallet. Please see the trading instructions for more info. Attempting to trading Radog tokens without following the instructions exactly may lead to loss of the reservation. Trades of reservations are subject to a 0.1 xrd fee.

Claiming the real Radog NFT

Once Radix Babylon launches, the Abandoned Scorpions series will be minted. It is your responsibility to trade in your Radog tokens for the NFT within 90 days of minting. The process for this is to be decided, but a minting tutorial will be written and shared on the website and Twitter account. The reason for the 90 day limit is because of the difficulty to maintain the pre-smart contract reservation records and keep the records alive indefinitely. If there are any reservations left unclaimed at that point, they will be released or sold to the public in some way to be decided then.


If you own a reservation for a Radog, you may use that artwork for any purpose, be it commercial or personal. The owners of the Radog project will maintain promotional rights of every NFT created like in portfolios or advertisements. If you lose/trade your reserveration, fail to mint on time or obtained a refund, you will lose all rights to the use of the NFT that you reserved. We are not personally responsible for enforcement of these rules, nor are we responsible for any damages if they are broken. We cannot assist you with that.

It should go without saying, but the art here is copyright 2022 Radogs, and whether you own the NFT or not, you are not permitted to mint (whether on Radix or any other ledger) another NFT by duplicating the art from this project. An exception may be made for satire, parody, or remixes, as long as the resulting work can be distinguished as an original creation.


It should go without saying, but we nor Radix nor anyone but you are responsible if you lose your Radog tokens or wallet access, or get scammed out of them, etc. Please be very cautious and safe when handling all your crypto affairs, Radogs included.

Because the reservations work as kind of pseudo-NFTs running on Olympia until Babylon is released, all we can guarantee is that there are 10,000 Radog tokens and each one will be tradable for a real Radog NFT within a year after Babylon launches. In case of bugs in our dynamic ordering system or minting process, we will do everything in our capabilities to fix the issue. However, we cannot control limitations outside of our scope. We are not responsible for any harm caused by these issues.